My Big Baby Brain

Life with a sweet kind and curious 2 year old!


I am a mother of a 2-year-old, Wife to my ‘needle in a haystack’ husband. Needle in a haystack….. I met him at a party  I was dragged to by the friend who every night “was going to meet her husband”. I just wanted to go home to my bed and a good book. I walked in… looked in Honey’s eyes and knew my life was going to change. Quickly. He was visiting from England. 8+ years later we are living happily ever after by the sea in England. Our daughter is beautiful sweet kind caring very loving and happy… and very smart.

My original intention was to note every sweet giggle and burp. New parents…  time storms by. You have heard it before but seriously. As much as you cried for the first “Mommy”  or step, you forget when or where or who was there.So please heed my advice. TAKE NOTES. You will regret more not remembering than the few seconds you miss because you wrote it down. On a calendar, a receipt, a paper bag, piece of wood in a diary. Just jot it down time date who was there.

My lovely husband and I  are brave and dangerous and trying for a second. We had one miss so here’s hoping for better results. I will try to get the records right this time. If I am allowed. I call my daughter my little mommy maker, this is one of the zillion things my little MM has taught me. Write it down cause I  will forget.


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